Electron spectrum of the intercalated stage-ordered layered structures

Dr. Oleh Velychko, Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of NAS of Ukraine

Video was recorded during the 3rd International research and practice Conference "Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials", Lviv, August 2015.

Influence of intercalation on the electronic band structure of the layered nanohybrid compound with a stage ordering (three layers in the packet in the considered case) of the GaSe-type is studied in the limiting case of the periodic Anderson model. These materials are promising as cathodes for high-capacity secondary cells and supercapacitors. Intercalated particles form an additional band (usually placed near the initial main band) like the narrow impurity band (being far enough from the main band) or the more extended band hybridized with the main one (for the case of overlapping). The most pronounced transformation of the main band takes place in the vicinity of the impurity level. In the low-temperature limit the frequency dispersion of the density of electron states describes the dependence of the transverse quantum capacity on the external electric field V.