Nano Engine in the size of 0.15 nanometers for the hurricanes, comets, astrophysical masers and cars

Prof. Oleksandr Kucherov, (Ukraine)

Video was recorded during the 6th International research and practice Conference "Nanotechnolgy and Nanomaterials" (NANO-2018)

Nano Engine measuring 0.15 nanometers was investigated from the point of view of nanotechnology. The engine is a rotating magnetic dipole of a water molecule, Figure a, which described in fundamental monograph [1]. Figure b shows the operation of the engine for hurricanes, comets, astrophysical masers and cars. According to the informative reality theory suggested by the author, the rotational motion of water molecules which have crossed the inversion layer in the eye of hurricane acquires a high speed.

Centrifugal forces begin to exceed the valence bond and the Н2О molecule is torn into the Н+ proton and the ОН- group. As a result, the energy of the rotational motion of the water molecule is passed to the tangential wind of hurricane. Protons are moved by the eye wall which rotates in the opposite direction.

Hence the eye wall performs a supporting function, similar to the cylinder in the car's engine. The eye wall consists of an unknown substance, conditionally we will call it E01, which exhibits the following properties: a) the aggregate state is solid; b) has the form of a hollow cylinder; c) the wall thickness is less than 0.01 nanometers; c) rotates at the speed of 28 km / s; d) airtight; e) it lives several days in hurricanes, several months in comets, several years in masers.


1 Kucherov O., Power of knowledge in economy and nature.//LAMBERT Academic Publishing,2014,p.57